_angel_knight (_angel_knight) wrote in cm_dude,

God's Prophecy about the storm.

Wow, this blew me away. Remember when I told you guys that me and _fire_rose went to a youth conference in our town. Well, this was the 2nd year that they had one. Last year in 2004, they had the 1st one and this prophet Kim Clement came. It was amazing! His prophecy was about New Orleans, a great storm, and 'the other side'. And now here it is, a storm came. Me and _fire_rose are just totally blown away from shock. You all must see this! This is beyond proof that God is real, and all amazing and all inifinite and just everything!!! Wow!!!!!


Oh my goodness. At the convention center in New Orleans, it is total chaos. Now I understand why some people are stealing food. For 4 days, these people have not had food, water, protection or nothing. People and babies are dying. The eldery that need medicine are dying as well. Some people are near death. And the group of officials that were supposed to protect them, left.

Please pray for all of the people that were affected by the storm. Not just New Orleans, but other parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as well.

Thank you.
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